I appreciate the hard-core methodology and approach to teaching that I was receiving in IELTS training program. The tutor not only offers practical ways of managing complex reading and essay writing, but gives real-world scenarios about what learner should and should not do. I got plenty of guidance in the areas I struggled with. The tutor helped me focus on analyzing instead of summarizing which was my biggest issue. IELTS course is highly valuable for my career. I want everyone to know that FTI works.

Muhammad Usama
IELTS 8.0 Band

FTI counselor was very thorough and clear in guidance. The consultant guided me in the right path on how I should approach my career in the future. He didn’t just spoon feed me corrections.

Mohsin Ali
University Of California, US

When I was denied by Australian universities for admission in BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance, I was very upset but I am really thankful to FTI who made their utmost efforts and admitted me one of the best institution of Ireland, Griffith College. My counselor opted a doable path for me; a balanced academic program; a part-time job, and my budget limitations.

Hamza Farooq
Griffith College, IRELAND

I came in not expecting to get as much help and direction as I did in my dream to get Denmark Green Card. This is one of the best choices I have made, and I learned so much. Now I am sure to find employment in a profession I want. Very knowledgeable! Many of the things discussed were I didn’t know about.

Muhammad Azeem
Copenhagen Denmark

Being a female it was not ease for me to establish my career in Sweden, but FTI did it well and I appreciate the help. FTI responses have been in depth, to the point and very timely. I know that with many students to monitor it is probably a lot of work to keep up.

Saila Batool
Linnaeus University, SWEDEN

Everyone should come to the Career Center at some point to make sure one is going in the right direction. There are so many different options. Being senior, I knew there was another difficult journey ahead, but I am fortunate that I was armed by FTI counselors that took me onward to new horizons.

Asad Abbas Haidry
University Of Bedfordshire, UK

I would describe the first few sessions with counselor as pleasant and positive. Academic goals, career dreams and solid plans for completing tasks were common topics of discussion. It made my mind to chase my career in Canada. If you wait too long you could miss a great opportunity.

Bilal Yasin
University Of Manitoba, CANADA

FTI Consultants useful suggestions enabled me to complete my complex task of visa process easier. I will never forget those who stood beside me to help me reach my goals. I have recommended FTI services to several people. Thank you for simplifying the Australian study visa process. If students don’t come at least once, they’re missing out.

Syed Ahsan Rasool
Victoria University, AUSTRALIA